The Roads to Truth Table of Contents


Part One

I. Groundwork

Cosmology * Cosmogony * Esoteric and Metaphysical Cosmology Physical Cosmology * Eschatology * Epistemology * Ontology * Theism Fundamentalism * Existentialism * Deism * Atheism * Humanism Agnosticism * Pantheism * Asceticism * Monism * Dualism * Pluralism Materialism * Mechanism * Realism * Idealism * Rationalism * Empiricism Cynicism * Stoicism * Skepticism

II. A Short Jaunt Through History

A brief history of America as it applies to the formative years of New Thought

III. Final Preparations

What is New Thought? * What is Metaphysics? * Why is New Thought a science? * Is New Thought Christian? * Why is it called New Thought?

IV. The Pathfinders

Divine Science * Unity * Religious Science

V. The Keys

God exists * Name is nature * Freedom is our birthright * Mind is superior to, or more real than, matter

Part Two

VI. The Road to Well-Being

Emma Curtis Hopkins * Mary Baker Eddy * Phineas Parkhurst Quimby * Warren Felt Evans * Emanuel Swedenborg

VII. The Rebellious Road

Catholic Corruption * The Protestant Reformation * The American Colonies * Unitarianism * Transcendentalism * Influences on Transcendentalism * Transcendental "Heresy" * Summary

VIII. The Esoteric Road

Spiritualism * Theosophy * Rosicrucianism * Mysticism * Kabbala * Hermeticism

IX. The Road to Unity

H. Emilie Cady  *  William Shakespeare  *  Native American Spiritualities

X. The Road of the Intellectuals

The Science of Mind * Henry Drummond * Christian D. Larson * Ralph Waldo Trine * William Walker Atkinson * Thomas Troward * Intellectual Influences

XI. All Roads Lead to Jesus

The Common Concepts of New Thought * Jesus and his Teachings * The Mental Healing Connection

XII. The End of the Road

The Ancient World * Hinduism * Buddhism * Reincarnation * Sri Aurobindo

XIII. Side Trip to China

Taoism * Blending of the Philosophies * Paradox * Parallels with New Thought

Part Three

XIV. Merging Roads

Parallels with the Teachings of Jesus * The Missing Years * Jesus and the Essenes * The Formative Years * The Gnostic Jesus

XV. The Rules of the Roads

Law of Cause and Effect * Law of Subconscious Activity * Law of Belief Law of Attraction * Law of Mental Equivalents * Law of Correspondence Law of Circulation * Law of Polarity * Law of Synthesis * Law of Growth Law of Tendency * Law of Influence * Law of Substitution * Law of Non-Resistance * Divine Law and Mental Healing

XVI. Truth: The Ballast of the Roads

The Basic Components * Science and the Perennial Philosophy * The Parallels


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