The Roads Reviews

Whether you're a freshman of New Thought or a longtime veteran, just a glance at the index of this book makes it a fact-finding, must-have! Chapter one takes us on a short, historical road trip of America at the end of the nineteenth century; this helps to set the stage for understanding the political, social, and religious mood in which New Thought was born.

From there, author Sherry Evans leads us on a thorough journey of the founders and foundations of the three major New Thought groups: Divine Science, Religious Science, and Unity. Chapter two begins with a definition of New Thought:


To put it simply, New Thought is about right thinking, thinking that leads to positive results--to health, wealth, peace, and happiness. But while right thinking is the hallmark, there is much more to New Thought than that. New Thought is a lifestyle, a metaphysic, and a religion.

Evans is careful to state that there are other groups that teach New Thought philosophy, but that she limited her research to these three because "they are the pioneers of the philosophy on which all other New Thought groups depend." Her research is extensive--we are literally taken to China and back; which gives us a better than basic understanding of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism and how they influenced and parallel New Thought tenets.

There is also an entire chapter on how the teachings of Jesus are integral to the core concepts and beliefs of New Thought. This book is an excellent compendium on New Thought philosophy.

Yolanda Porter, Science of Mind Magazine

Author Sherry Evans applies her years of study in Astronomy, Physics, and Philosophy to The Roads to Truth: In Search of New Thought's Roots, a serious treatise concerning the nature of New Thought. Discussing concepts ranging from the self-fulfilling prophecy and psychosomatic illness to the concept of God being within each one of us and all of nature, to the bases for successful and happy living that underlie so many variants of "pop" psychology, The Roads to Truth examines the common thread between all these occurances - the acknowledgement of the paramount importance our thoughts play within our lives. Thought is of supreme importance, to the extent that it defines life and the self; thought is the foundation of churches, a power with the ability to heal physical and psychological ailments, and the driving force behind successful lives and careers. The Roads to Truth combines the science of mental healing and the wisdom of numerous philosophies to lay out the wisdom of New Thought. Among the varied paths to enlightenment are the path of rebellion, the path of the intellectuals, and the esoteric path, yet all lead to a merged understanding governed by rules such as "the law of cause and effect" (positive thoughts bring positive effects, negative thoughts bring negative effects) and "the law of attraction" (we attract what we expect into our lives, whether positive or negative) and much more. A welcome contribution to self-help shelves as surely as metaphysical and new age shelves, as the philosophy discussed allows one to better know oneself on the purest level - that of one's own thoughts.

James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Small Press Bookwatch