Readers Comments

I believe your book is well researched and presents the history of New Thought with clarity. Students in our classes at Holmes Institute have found it very useful and interesting. The instructors appreciate the Study Guide and the Answer Key. The chart helps us realize the rich, ancient history of New Thought and its progression up through today. Thank you for the contribution you have made to the students and instructors of Holmes Institute. We appreciate you!" -- Rev. Dr. Lynn Connolly, Director, Holmes Institute, Golden CO

"I highly recommend this book. I believe it is valuable for every student of New Thought to have exposure to the book, not only to understand our history, but also to explain it's relationship to other teachings, and the connections we share." -- Rev. Jim Chandler, formerly of the Denver Church of Religious Science

"The Roads to Truth is an invaluable tool for the serious student of New Thought. I plan to 'strongly suggest' the book as required reading for anyone coming to me for classes or counseling." -- Rev. Jill Carl, Kihei, HI, Centers for Spiritual Living

"Sherry Evans has pulled together in one volume a superb survey of the history, development, key people, and beliefs of the philosophy of life variously known as New Thought, Science of Mind, Mental Science, and more currently, Law of Attraction. The book is laid out well, the font-type size is just right, the bibliography is good, and it also thankfully has an acceptable Index. There are numerous helpful charts and summaries of various New Thought teachings. Short biographical sketches of New Thought founders and teachers, and their place in the larger movement are appropriately located throughout the book. A wonderful book and very much appreciated, thank you Sherry Evans." -- Rev. Dr. Charles Roberts, Ballston Spa, New York

"Your book blends all of the information found in other books in such a sequential way and, I might add, simply. When I read your book, I just knew this is what the Truth students need to put our teaching into perspective. Thank you for all of your research and brilliant way of sharing the information."  -- Rev. Cynthia Claire, Las Vegas NV

"I had the opportunity to read and discuss The Roads to Truth while studying at Holmes Institute. In my 35 years in Religious Science, this is the first book to so thoroughly explain the roots of New Thought and the close similarities in Religious Science, Divine Science and Unity. I believe this book should be used as standard curriculum in all of our New Thought Churches; I will be including it in any classes I teach about the Roots of our philosophy." -- Rev. Lari Goold, Irving TX

"I personally found The Roads to Truth to be well organized, well written, and a terrific way for a student of New Thought to 'get the picture.' I continue to recommend it." -- Rev. Sam Ritchey, Las Cruces NM

"I have recommended your book to many people and we used it as a 'Book of the Month' feature. I thought the amount of research you did was phenomenal, as well as its depth and accuracy. I couldn't recommend it more highly." -- Rev. Liesa Garcia, Reno NV

"I enjoyed your metaphor of roads to truth. All my students enjoyed it in my ministerial class called the "Historic Roots of New Thought". It would be my joy to recommend this book." -- Rev. Dr. Frances Lorenz, Tacoma WA

"Ms. Evans' book takes the reader on a journey from the Far East to the Mid East, from Europe to America, through time and civilizations, as she explains how the various New Thought schools have evolved. She successfully blends historical facts with philosophical and spiritual ideologies to create a well-organized resource that encourages the reader to investigate some of the individuals and events even further. Most importantly, this book is a source of inspiration when the reader comes to realize how so many ancient and new world spiritual beliefs all share the same basic truth-that we truly are one with God." -- Susan Morrell, Unity Spiritual Center of Park City Board Trustee and Spiritual Advisor

"I 'discovered' Religious Science on a personal quest to learn more about my great uncle, Ernest Holmes. I wanted to learn about the religion and about my great uncle. On my on path, I searched and scoured through private family libraries and used bookstores, reading everything I could find. My goal was to follow and understand his path through history to develop the ideas behind New Thought and Religious Science. Seeing this book, I came across the names I had researched and this book expanded everyone and every idea further than I could imagine! This book is a wonderful compendium in the network of roads to New Thought and interprets the mix in a way that supports my years of study while adding more knowledge and information on the breadth of this teaching. I feel as though I've taken the college courses on Philosophy and Religion that I always wanted to take but never did!" -- Kristen Holmes, Kihei, HI

"This book is timely and needed to be written, as it puts the origins of New Thought, and metaphysics itself, into historical perspective. It is very well researched, organized, and composed, and is an absorbing read. I highly recommend it to new and old students of metaphysics and to adherents of other faiths."           -- Elisabeth Carroll, Park City, UT

"I have had a lifetime of study in metaphysics-Christian Science, Church of Religious Science, Unity, A Course in MiraclesConversations with God, etc. This is the best book that I have read about these subjects. For someone who has studied as long as I have in every kind of religious thought this is a wonderful pulling together of everything; you can compare ideas, you can take care to know all the New Thought ideas and compare them with Eastern thought, etc., which I also have studied and learned about. This is a wonderful reference. I love it, I will always want to have a copy with me, I have read every word and will turn to it frequently." -- Lesley Alexander Gibson, Kula, HI

"Wow, terrific research! You took very complicated and esoteric ideas, theories and simplified them enough for us humans to understand. Enjoyed the book very much." -- Bob Mundt, Salem OR

"Thank you for your work and dedication to writing The Roads to Truth. I have gained so much foundation from your cited bibliography of New Thought. I appreciate all you've done in compiling this wonderful reference for us on our spiritual paths. You've blessed our lives." -- Barbara Hayes, Las Cruces, NM

"You have done immense amounts of research and the Paths are ingenious way of looking at the subject matter." -- Sara Rose, Kihei, HI

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